Custom Lighting in Marble Falls

In Marble Falls, Hudson Electrical Contractors LLC is your number one resource for value, efficiency, and precision results on any commercial or residential custom lighting project. We go the extra mile to match your unique goals, budget, and structural requirements with innovative solutions that are safe and affordable. At the beginning of our free consultation process, our local electricians will sit down with you to explore your ideas for the perfect atmosphere. We’ll help you examine cost and energy saving options, fixture and control styles, and engineer the perfect layout to suit your exact needs.

Streamlined Lighting Installation and Layout Planning– Indoors and Outdoors

Many electrical contractors can complete a lighting installation, but how well do they perform when it comes to placement and product selection for lighting installation both indoors and outdoors? Our design team is intimately familiar with the National Electrical Code and is trained on up-to-date industry standards and safety protocols. We’ll make sure you’re getting the best in service and pricing, as well as guarantee your complete satisfaction. We have recently implemented the following types of lighting:

  • Wall-mounted lights
  • Stairwell light installations and lighting replacements
  • Safety light installs
  • Retrofit recessed lighting installations
  • Overhead lighting installations with the ability to reach incredibly high and tricky areas
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s)
  • Kitchen and bathroom lightings
  • Installs for exterior light, floodlights, spotlights, garage lights, lighting timers, motion activated lights, garden lights, pool lighting, and walkway and path lights
  • Functional lighting installations
  • Energy saving light fixture and bulb technology upgrades
  • Accent lights

Exceptional partnerships make supplying the high-quality products you want, fast and budget friendly. On your project start date, we will arrive with all the advanced tools, equipment, and working materials we need to complete your light installation project on time.

The Benefits of LED Light Installation in Your Home or Business

LED light installation can significantly decrease your energy consumption and the related expenses associated with keeping the lights on in your home or workplace. With recent breakthroughs in the technology that powers this type of bulb, it is now possible to achieve a wide variety of warm tones that were never possible before. Here is an outline of some of the other benefits:

  1. LED bulbs produce significantly less heat and can be used in more sensitive surroundings, or in close quarters with other objects.
  2. LED lights can last over 10 years (in continuous use) before having to be replaced.
  3. LED lightbulbs require a much lower wattage to produce the same top-quality lighting.
  4. LED’s are better for the environment – they’re 100% recyclable and are toxin free.
  5. LED light installations can withstand extreme weather, shocks, and vandalism.

Installing Light Fixtures – Prevent Common Hazards

Some of the most common mistakes made by lighting installation companies, general handymen, and weekend warriors in Marble Falls can cause some serious, and potentially life-threatening damages to your home or commercial premises. Electricity can be extremely dangerous in the hands of anyone other than a licensed professional, and can lead to some major problems, which could include:

  • Building code violations that endanger your ability to remain insured
  • Electrocution, electrical fire, shock, burns, and other injuries
  • Structural damage
  • Damage to appliances, technology and various powered systems
  • Power surges
  • Overloaded circuits and breakers that keep tripping

Call Marble Falls’s custom lighting authorities now to schedule a free consultation with one of our top specialists.